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Using the Movebooth Photo Booth App for iPad on your Rental Hardware Kit
Using the Movebooth Photo Booth App for iPad on your Rental Hardware Kit

How to Get Your iPad and Movebooth Photo Booth App Set Up on your Movebooth/Memento Rental Hardware Kit

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After you've finished Setting Up your Movebooth/Memento Rental Hardware Kit, it's time to get your iPad fired up and the Movebooth Photo Booth App set up.


  • You have an active Movebooth App license (which comes with every Movebooth Hardware unit rental)

  • You have already verified the email address on your Movebooth Account by clicking the "Verify Me" button in the verification email we sent you

    • If you haven't seen this email, check your spam folder or any other email filters for a verification email from [email protected]

  • You have received an initial password for this Movebooth Account or you have changed the password for the account yourself

  • You have already created at least one Movebooth Channel for your event(s)

  • You have access to a working standard power outlet (on the wall, generator, portable power bank, extension cord, or surge protector/power strip)

  • You have access to a wi-fi network with working internet connection

Step 1: Connect the Main/Head Unit to Power

Using the standard A/C power cable attached to the main/head unit of your Movebooth/Memento rental photo booth hardware, plug into a working standard power outlet. The iPad will power on automatically when connected to power. In the rare event that it does not, press the home button on the iPad to wake the screen.

Step 2: Unlock the iPad with Passcode 4242

Our rental iPads all unlock with the passcode 4242–a nod to the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.

Step 3: Connect iPad to Wi-Fi Network with Working Internet Connection

If you haven't done this before, here's how:

  1. On the iPad, find and launch the Settings App.

  2. In the left-side menu of the Settings App, find and tap the setting called "Wi-Fi"

  3. The iPad will automatically scan for available networks. Once it appears, tap on the network name that you want to connect to.

  4. If applicable, enter the password for the network to which you are trying to connect.

  5. Wait for the iPad to successfully connect to the network, then exit the Settings app by clicking the iPad home button in the bottom bezel of the iPad screen.

  6. To test the internet connection on this wi-fi network, find and launch the Safari App. In the URL address bar at the top of the Safari App, enter a URL such as and tap the "Go" button. If the page loads, your wi-fi and internet connection are working. If it does not, check and troubleshoot your wi-fi router, modem, and if applicable, contact your internet service provider for support.

Step 4: Launch the Movebooth Photo Booth App for iPad

Locate the Movebooth app on the iPad, which is usually located in the dock at the bottom of the iPad screen, and tap on the icon to launch the app.

Step 5: Follow the On-Screen Prompts

At minimum you will need to log in to your Movebooth Account.

In rare scenarios, you may also be presented with pop-up prompts such as a request to allow the Movebooth app to access the iPad camera.

If presented, please accept/allow any such prompts, as the Movebooth Photo Booth App for iPad cannot function without them.

Step 6: Select your Movebooth Channel

Directly after successfully logging in to your Movebooth Account, you will be presented with a screen titled, "Select a Channel."

Any Channels that you have created or otherwise have access to from your Movebooth Online Dashboard will appear in the list. Simply locate the Channel you wish to use and tap the arrow button next to it. Your Channel settings will now load onto the Movebooth Photo Booth App for iPad.

If you need to make any last-minute changes to your Channel settings, see Editing an Existing Channel.

Powering Off the iPad

The power button is hidden when the iPad is installed in a Movebooth/Memento Rental Hardware unit.

The iPad settings on our rental hardware units are set to keep the iPad screen awake as long as the iPad is powered on. In order to power down the iPad for battery preservation and/or return shipping, you will need to do the following:

  1. On the iPad, find and launch the Settings App.

  2. In the left-side menu of the Settings App, find and tap the setting called "General"

  3. In the right-side "General" menu, scroll all the way down to find and tap the setting called "Shut Down"

  4. If a secondary prompt appears, confirm that you wish to power down the iPad, and the iPad will then power down.

For more information on iPad settings and features, please refer to Apple Support.

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