Editing an Existing Channel

How to use the Movebooth Online Dashboard to change the settings of an existing Movebooth Channel.

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You'll find that editing an existing Movebooth Channel is very similar to Creating a New Channel. For a deep-dive on each available setting, please visit the Creating a New Channel article instead.

Step 1: Log in to the Movebooth Online Dashboard

Channel settings are changed/edited using the Movebooth Online Dashboard, so you'll want to log in to your active Movebooth account there first.

After successfully signing in, you will be on the Channels screen, where all of your account's Movebooth Channels will be listed. It looks like this:

Step 2: Find the Channel, Click "•••," then Click "Edit Channel"

In the list of Channels, locate the Channel you want to edit, click the "•••" button, then click the "Edit Channel" button.

Step 3: Select a Tab to Access Settings

Channel settings are organized into tabs. Click on each tab to locate the settings you want to edit/change.

For a Channel that was created using custom graphics, the tabs will look like this:

For a Channel that was created using a Movebooth Theme, the tabs will look like this:

Step 4: Click "Save" After Each Edit

After you make an edit/change, click the "Save" button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

And that's it! You've now edited and changed your Channel's settings. If any of the settings you changed affect something guests would see in the Movebooth Photo Booth App for iPad, you may need to reload the Channel on the iPad (iPad internet connection required).

When connected to the internet, the Movebooth Photo Booth App for iPad automatically checks for Channel setting changes each time it returns to the start screen after taking photos. So, the quickest way to reload the Channel is to tap the "Start Photo Booth" button, then discard the photo(s) taken by tapping the "Delete" button on the image preview screen.

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