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Movebooth Photo Booth App for iPad
Logging in to your Movebooth Account
Logging in to your Movebooth Account

How to log in or out of your Movebooth Account using the Movebooth Photo Booth App for iPad.

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  • You have an active Movebooth App license (which comes with every Movebooth Hardware unit rental)

  • You have already verified the email address on your Movebooth Account by clicking the "Verify Me" button in the verification email we sent you

    • If you haven't seen this email, check your spam folder or any other email filters for a verification email from [email protected]

  • You have received an initial password for this Movebooth Account or you have changed the password for the account yourself

  • The iPad that you want to sign in on is connected to wi-fi with a working internet connection


Logging In with Email Address and Password

  1. Launch the Movebooth Photo Booth App for iPad. You should find the App in a signed out state with no Channel loaded.

  2. If this is the first time you've opened the Movebooth Photo Booth App for iPad, a series of important prompts will pop up, such as a prompt requesting permission for the App to access your iPad's camera. The Movebooth Photo Booth App for iPad cannot function without these permissions, so please accept each of the startup prompts.

  3. Tap the green button on the launch screen.

  4. Enter your Movebooth Account email address and password. This is the same email address and password that you use to access the Movebooth Online Dashboard.

  5. If the login fails for any reason, please check for typos in your email address and password. If the login still fails, please check all of the Prerequisites above.

  6. If you're sure that your email and password are correct and that all of the Prerequisites are met, please click here to reset your password.

    1. If you are unable to reset your password, it is very likely that your email address has not been verified. Please locate the verification email that we sent to your account email address, bearing in mind that it may be in your spam folder, and click the "Verify Me" button in the body.

Here's a video showing the login with Email + Password:

Logging In with a Magic QR Code

If you prefer not to fiddle around with passwords, the Movebooth Photo Booth App for iPad supports logging in by scanning a unique, one-time QR code. Here's how to do it.

1. Open the Movebooth Photo Booth App for iPad, and tap the "Get Started" button.

2. Tap the "Request a Login Code" button.

3. Enter the email address of the Movebooth account you are trying to log in to, plus your cell phone number. The magic login QR code will be sent both to the account holder's email address AND your cell phone (which makes it a LOT easier to scan the code). Once an email and phone number are entered, tap the "Send" button.

4. You will be returned to the prior screen. Now, tap the "Scan a Login Code" button.

5. A box displaying a view from the iPad's front-facing camera will appear. Open your cell phone text messages to the message Movebooth sent to you with your login QR code. If you didn't receive a login QR code by text message, you may want to try step 3 again, verifying that there were no typos in the Movebooth account holder's email address or your cell phone number.

6. While the QR code is open and visible on your cell phone screen, hold your phone screen up to the iPad's front-facing camera. Look at the camera preview on the iPad screen to make sure that the entire QR code is visible within the dashed outline box on the screen.

7. Once the QR code is in clear view of the iPad's front-facing camera, the scan will complete automatically. If the QR code is valid, and your iPad is connected to wi-fi with a working internet connection, you should be logged in to your Movebooth account without needing to enter a password!

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