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Resetting your Movebooth Account Password
Resetting your Movebooth Account Password

How to Change Your Movebooth Account Password

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If you've can't access your Movebooth Account or simply want or need to reset your password for security reasons, changing your password is simple.

Step 1: Visit the Password Change Page in the Movebooth Online Dashboard

Visit or click the button below.

Enter the email address associated with your Movebooth Account, and click the "Start Password Reset" button.

If there is a Movebooth account at the email address you entered, an email will be sent with a password change link to that email address.

Step 2: Locate the Password Change Email We Sent and Click the Link

Check the inbox of the email address you entered on our password change page for a password change email from [email protected]

Allow a few minutes for the password change email to arrive. If the email still does not appear in your email inbox after a few minutes, please check your spam folder and any other email filters which may be configured on your inbox.

If you still don't see an email from us, double-check that the email address you entered is the one that is associated with your Movebooth Account.

Once you've located our password change email, click the link in the body of that email.

For security purposes, these links do expire. If you encounter an expired link, please start this process over again back at Step 1.

Step 3: Enter and Confirm Your Secure New Password

Once you follow a non-expired password change link, you will land on a page with two password fields: one to enter your new password, and another to confirm the new password you just entered (to help prevent simple typo errors with password entry).

We use a unique algorithm to determine password strength, and only passwords that meet our minimum password strength requirement will be accepted. The password change form will tell you how strong your password is upon entry.

An email confirmation will be sent to your account email address from [email protected] when your password has been successfully changed. At this time, you should be able to log in to the Movebooth Online Dashboard and the Movebooth Photo Booth App for iPad using your new password.

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