In the event that your iPad is no longer charging, attempt the following steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Check the power adapter on your Movebooth Classic unit is plugged into a working A/C power plug.

  2. Check that the internal USB cable in your unit is securely connected at both ends (the internal USB power adapter on the unit and the iPad charging port).

  3. Unplug the USB cable from the internal USB power adapter on the unit, and plug it in to a known-working USB power adapter (such as a wall adapter you might use to charge your smartphone).

    • If the USB cable does not work on a different, known-working USB power adapter, try switching out the USB cable for a different one, and repeat step 2 above with the new USB cable.

    • If the USB cable works on a different power adapter, it's likely that the internal USB power adapter on your unit needs to be replaced. Don't worry! It's an easy replacement you can do yourself!

So, you've completed the steps above and confirmed you need a new USB power adapter. Contact us using the chat feature here on our support page, and we'll help you get a replacement part.

Once you've got your replacement part, here's a quick video demonstrating how to replace the internal USB power adapter inside your unit:

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